About Us
Break It Down was founded in Toronto in 2008 by Lee Pham and Jon Reid. Jon and I both are full time professional dancers who are members of a world renowned crew that is based out of Toronto. We are both passionate about the original dance that is known as b-boying. B-boying has and will continue to be an integral part of our life. It has rooted itself in the very core of everything thing we do.

We decided over a course of few years of working together (Back to the Underground) that we could apply our skills sets to building the community that we love, respect and have been a part of for so long. We searched for an opportunity to give back to the community and we felt that the first step was to start with the youth. We aimed to inspire them and teach them all the benefits of expressing yourself and studying the culture of hip-hop.

Having worked for community centers, dance studios and teaching privately we had a good set of strategies to apply to an educational section of Break It Down. Being youth ourselves and respected professional dancers we can relate with the youth in a different way which adds value to achieving our goals. We also feel that the performing arts sector is a great way to reach a large number of youth. It also provides much needed professional opportunities for artists.

Thus was born the not-for-profit organization, Break It Down.

c/o Dance Umbrella of Ontario
476 Parliament St - Second Floor
Toronto ON M4X 1P2

Blake Reid

Tin Pham

Susan Pham

Jennifer Bennett

William Ellis

Lee Pham
Artistic Director

Jon Reid
Artistic Director

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Our Mission
Break It Down is a youth led not-for-profit organization that connects youth to professional artists and artists to development opportunities. Break It Down promotes positive lifestyles by exposing authentic hip hop through empowering education programs and inspirational productions that celebrate diversity and creative abilities.