Dare to B: Bboy/Bgirl program

The Dare to B program immerses youth in positive hip hop culture, educating students on B-boy dance technique and hip hop history. It nurtures a connection to the professional performing arts community and encourages students to explore the performance opportunities within the city. Dare to B’s programming creates one dynamic dance crew for each participating school and facilitates a city wide Youth B-boy Championship; building powerful leadership skills and teamwork oriented goals that build school pride and bring a diverse student group together in shared passion and purpose.

The goal of the program is to:
o Teach the breaking dance form.
o Encourage an active, healthy life.
o Provide an outlet of expression.
o Foster an environment of discipline and respect.
o Recognize student accomplishments.
o Provide individual training based on a students particular interests and skills.
o Showcase student development and provide an opportunity for them to shine.
o Embrace a spirit of healthy competition.
o Propagate the ‘each one, teach one’ mentality.

The students form teams similar to a sports team under the instruction of professional dance instructors and proudly represent their schools. They will be competing on behalf of school at the city championship while their friends and family cheer them on.

For information on the Dare to B program please click here

Breaking in Leaders program

The Breaking in Leaders program identifies youth in the GTA that show exceptional leadership qualities. Thanks to the funding provided by Toronto Culture, we help these teens develop and refine their skill sets, and apply it their passion for dance. Meeting with the 20 leaders we provide them with a comfortable environment to network with other students from different areas of the city, guide them to identify community issues and encourage them to create plans for social change. Thanks to the connection with hipTix we also bring them to various theatre/dance performances in order help them develop a better understanding of the professional community.

The students continue to learn how to mature their confidence both socially and professionally. With assignments like finding, sustaining and promoting a youth practice space in their community; writing personal portfolios; giving presentations; assisting with the Dare to B program and more, these students will proudly fill their high school volunteer hours while having fun in a positive relatable educational atmosphere.

Our Mission
Break It Down is a youth led not-for-profit organization that connects youth to professional artists and artists to development opportunities. Break It Down promotes positive lifestyles by exposing authentic hip hop through empowering education programs and inspirational productions that celebrate diversity and creative abilities.